Friday, July 25, 2008

What to Do After the Auction on eBay

Naturally, you have to pay the seller, but there are also a few tricks to keep in mind to make sure that the end of the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.
  • If You Haven't Heard from the Seller Make Contact Yourself
  • Pay Now with a Single Click
  • Ask If the Seller Will Insure the Item
  • Include the Item Number When You Pay
  • Be a Considerate Buyer. Just as you like to deal with polite, efficient sellers, sellers like to deal with considerate customers.
  • Inspect It When You Recieve It

Managing Your Bids on eBay

You've found something you want to buy, and figured out just how much you want to pay. What comes next?
  • Watch, Don't Bid. It’s important that you realize that you don’t have to place your bid immediately.
  • Use My eBay to Track Your Bids
  • Don't Let the Proxy Bid Things Up. Smart bidding means not letting the bid price get out of hand, which can sometimes happen when you use eBay’s proxy bidding system.
  • Know When to Say No. However you choose to bid, it’s important to set your limits and stick to them.

How To Bid Smart on eBay

Smart bidders don’t act impulsively. They take a little time to make sure they’re well-informed before they bid and to make sure that they bid intelligently.
  • Dont Bid on the First Item You See
  • Research the Item's Real Value
  • Check the Seller's Current and Past Auctions
  • Check Out Buy It Now Items

How to Be a Smarter and Safer Buyer on eBay

Any user can bid on an eBay auction, but only smart bidders get the best deals and avoid getting ripped off. There’s no avoiding the simple fact that the smarter you are, the safer you’ll be—and the better deals you’ll get.

Wisdom comes from experience. But if you don’t want to wait that long, get wise fast with these smart-bidding tricks from the eBay Masters.

How to find What You Want to Buy on eBay

Using eBay's Search Feature
  • Search, Don't Browse
  • Use the Search Page, Not the Search Box
  • Search the Full Description
  • Search by Price Range
  • Search for Items Near Your Home
  • Use the eBay Toolbar to Search

Fine Tuning Your Search
  • Conduct a More Specific Search
  • Narrow Your Search Results
  • Search for an Exact Phrase
  • Dont Use AND, OR, or NOT
  • Search for One Word or Another Word
  • Exlude a Word from Your Search Results
  • Use the Singular, Not Plural
  • Spell out the Numbers

Searching for Bargains
  • Search for Misspellings
  • Vary You Vocabulary-and Your Spelling
  • "Birddog" Other Bidders
  • Search for Last-Minute Bargains
  • Save Your Searches
  • Get Notification of New Items That Match Your Search
  • Expand Your Search to eBay Stores
  • Search for Items with Want it Now